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Welcome to the Jindo Dog Rescue/Adoption Board!

The Jindo Dog Rescue board offers a forum where people can immediately post information about Jindos and Jindo mixes in animal shelters, animal rescues, etc. that would be good candidates for a new home.  Owners seeking to re-homing dogs on their own are allowed to post, but please read this word of caution beforehand.

This forum works together with Jindo Dog Rescue information website  which also offers a photo gallery of rescue Jindos in need of new homes (effective for dogs that have no immediate deadlines).

To better aid the placement of Jindos, please be sure to include the location of dog, the deadline on the dog, contact info, physical description of the dog, and reason for re-homing if known. If at all possible, please link a picture of the dog.

If interested in adopting a rescue Jindo/Jindo mix and yet unable to find a suitable match yet, please leave behind your info so others may read it and contact you.  Alternatively, fill out an adoption questionaire and you will be contacted by rescuers when a dog matches your preferences.

Please do not post any breeding-related topics on this board as they will be deleted. This includes puppies for sale and searches for breeding mates. Please do not post requests for puppies from breeders. If searching for a Jindo puppy from a breeder, please review what constitutes a responsible breeder and then consult the various Jindo organizations for a breeder referral.

The administrator of this board recommends the moderated "Korean Jindo List" for discussions about Jindos.

For help in identifying whether a dog is a Jindo or not, please visit the following reference sites:
Identifying Jindos
Hyungwon Kang's Jindo Website

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