Women with the Smoking Fetish
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This is a board for and about women with the smoking fetish, and those people who love us. Come in, share some of our smoke, and post a little. You'll be surprised at what a wonderful place this is, and what cool people post here. The best part is that SMOKING IS PERMITTED!

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“I must say the excitement from the attention I receive from smoking seductively is my opiate. It is such an exhilarating experience with the first light up. I’ll enter the scene and find the right spot to enjoy my first cigarette. I’ll open my Chanel bag, pull out fresh new pack, extract a long slender More 120 and place it between my glossy wet lips. It instantly gets me aroused knowing there are eyes all over me. I can sense their anticipation of my light up, hoping to get a glimpse and wish they were with me. When I bring the red hot flame to the tip, my body tingles with excitement. The first deep inhale into my lungs and the slow deliberate exhale places me in the position of TOTAL control. Knowing that both men and women are watching me stimulates AND entices me to put on a show for my spectators. I’ll act coy at first but I KNOW that I have complete power over them. I feel a sense of eroticism as I extend it in my finely manicured fingers, dangle with perfection and of course with every breath, make sure it brings pleasure to audience. It started with just a fascination but it has developed into such an erotic experience, I covet the act. “


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Time for a nice hot flame: 2/26/2015, 11:00 pm   
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Time for a nice hot flame: 2/26/2015, 11:00 pm   
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