Green Iguana Society

If you are interested in adopting or rescuing any iguana, please make sure you learn as much as possible about the proper care they require. Even experienced iguana owners can learn more and we urge all iguana owners to continue learning more. We strongly urge you to read the information on the following pages before you consider adopting or rescuing any iguana....

The following is our list of iguanas that are currently in need of adoption or rescue. The Green Iguana Society is not a shelter. We are solely a group of on-line volunteers. We do not personally take in iguanas as a part of our affiliation with GIS. We do not have a veterinarian on our team. We have no regular source of income, and cannot assist individuals or organizations with any of their expenses. All iguanas listed are in the care of either their current owners or a temporary foster parent. All of the iguanas listed require an adoption application to be filled out and returned to us. We will forward your completed application to the owner/caretaker of the iguana.

Please Note: It is illegal to own iguanas in some cities and states in the United States, including Washington D.C., New York City and Hawaii. The Green Iguana Society will not knowingly facilitate adoptions in areas where it is not legal to own iguanas. We encourage all persons interested in adopting an iguana to research the laws of their specific city/state to be sure that owning iguanas is legal before applying to adopt. The Green Iguana Society will not be held responsible for adoptions taking place in areas where iguana ownership is against the law.

Note On Shipping Iguanas: Shipping iguanas has become extremely difficult and the Green Iguana Society highly recommends that people adopt an iguana that is within driving distance.

Individuals must be at least 18 years old to submit an adoption application. Anyone under age 18 that wishes to adopt through the Green Iguana Society must have a parent/guardian fill out the adoption application. Applications that we receive from anyone under 18 will not be forwarded to owners. The Green Iguana Society is not responsible for keeping confidential any personal information given out under false pretenses by anyone under the age of 18.

Board Update Information: The Green Iguana Society routinely removes iguanas from the adoption board after they have been listed for 6 months. Iguanas are removed from this board at any time if we do not receive an update reply from the owner, if we cannot reach the owner, or if the owner informs us at any time that the iguana is no longer available. If you have an iguana listed here and it is adopted or otherwise becomes unavailable, or if you adopt an iguana from this board, please contact us at anything(at)greenigsociety(dot)org so we can be sure to remove the iguana from our board. PLEASE BE SURE TO LOOK AT ALL PAGES! We sometimes have so many iguanas listed that the adoption board is more than one page long. Because the newer listings get added at the top (page 1), there are many iguanas listed on the other pages of the board that have been waiting for a very long time for a new home. Don't forget about them!

Featured Iguanas! Please take a look at our currently featured iguanas, who have been looking for homes for a long, long time and are still available! Check out IGGY - King, NC and IGGY - Tanafly, NJ. They have been listed for adoption for over a year and are still in need of a home!

If you are looking to list an iguana on this board, please visit our List an Iguana page for more information.
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