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This board is moderated by the site owner. It exists as an addendum to "A Study of Gothic Subculture." As such, relevant topics of discussion would include subjects covered in the site. Goths can share their views about the culture here, but this board is not intended for general socializing amongst Goths or "Is x gothic?" questions. There are many other forums on the net for this. The message board here serves the same purpose as the site: to comprehensively and realistically examine the gothic subculture; to educate non-Goths about it; and to promote tolerance by eliminating some common misconceptions.

Board Rules:

  • Bashing of any group -- religion, nation, sexuality, race etc. -- will not be tolerated
  • Don't respond to inflammatory messages that are deliberately intended to provoke an argument (i.e. don't feed the trolls)
  • Don't post in all caps
  • Don't flame or insult others
  • Avoid posting one-liners
  • Stay on topic

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