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Welcome to the Green Iguana Society Message Board. We hope this will help people to ask questions, make comments and suggestions, and discuss iguana care. Please keep the discussion related to iguanas and iguana care. Inappropriate messages and language may be edited and/or removed.

This board is for the entertainment and interaction of iguana owners. These messages are only the opinion of the poster. The advice given on this board should not be substituted for your own research or the medical diagnosis of a veterinarian experienced in iguana husbandry.

Many questions can be easily answered by reading through the Green Iguana Care Information section of our web site. We also provide a Quick Help page that contains quick help, tips and answers to commonly asked questions about iguanas and iguana care. If you are a new iguana owner, you may also want to read through our Tips for New Iguana Owners page.

We also encourage you to read our page on Message Board & Forum Etiquette page. Never assume that you are anonymous and cannot be identified by your post. If you have any questions or problems with our message board, do not post them to this board. Instead, please email us at anything(at)greenigsociety(dot)org.

Thanks for visiting and participating and we hope you enjoy it!

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