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    Posted by Boffer on May 14, 2012, 8:05 pm, in reply to "Margaret of Connaught (Crown Princess of Sweden)"

    This is a full list of wedding presents to Princess Margaret of Connaught, I have underlined all jewels.

    The Times, 10 June 1905, p. 8

    The Marriage of Princess Margaret of Connaught

    The Duke and Duchess were at home yesterday at Clarence House, St. James’s when many of the wedding gifts to Princess Margaret of Connaught were on view. They were laid out in and quite filled one of the large reception rooms.

    The King presented the bride with a superb high jewelled coronet, in scroll design, connected by festoons, composed of brilliants and rubies for the centre of the scroll ornaments and the festoons. A diamond chain bracelet with a ruby and diamond cluster clasp was enclosed in the same case.

    The Duke and Duchess of Connaught have their daughter a coronet composed of empire wreaths with fleur de lys between, all in brilliants, accompanied by a diamond rivière.
    Their Royal Highnesses’ gifts also included a long sable coat lined with white satin, a long coat of unplucked sea otter fur, and a large mirror in silver frame.

    Queen Christina of Spain sent an antique Spanish fan, beautifully painted, the ivory engraved sticks set with diamonds.

    Queen Margharita of Italy’s gift was a small diamond watch with bow.

    The Empress Eugenie’s present was a diamond and pearl butterfly brooch.

    The Khedive sent a high diamond tiara, convertible into a necklace in a conventional design of marguerites.

    The Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess Louise (Duchess of Fife), Princess Victoria, and Prince and Princess Charles of Denmark, with the Duke of Fife, made a joint gift of a diamond necklace, harmonizing in design with the crown given by his Majesty. It is formed of festoons and graduated daisy pendants, each festoon and each pendant being centred by a fine ruby.

    Prince and Princess Christian gave a handsome fluted silver tea and coffee service.

    Princess Louise (Duchess of Argyll) sent a long chain of rubies and pearls, with here and there a daisy in diamonds.

    Princess Henry of Battenberg sent a large silver bowl.

    The Duchess of Albany gave Kipling’s and Barrie’s works, bound in red gold tooled leather.

    The Grand Duchess of Mecklenburgh Stelitz sent a Dresden china lamp.

    The Infanta Eulalia of Spain sent a Dresden china inkstand with gold mount.

    The Duchess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the Crown Princess of Romania, Princess Victoria Melita, Princess Hohenlohe, and Princess Beatrice of Saxe-Coburg gave a brooch formed of a large sapphire sent round with ribbon in diamonds and sapphires.

    Prince Friedrich Karl of Sweden gave a chain bracelet, closely studded with large emeralds of a beautiful colour.

    The Duc and Duchesse d’Aosta gave a finely wrought diamond bow brooch, with sapphire drops.

    Prince Arthur and Princess Patricia of Connaught gave their sister a pearl and diamond ring.

    Princess Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein’s gift is a pearl necklet with sapphire drops.

    Princess Louise Augusta of Schleswig-Holstein gave a silver watch in a silver and blue enamel case for the writing table.

    Princess Victoria Eugenie and Prince Alexander Leopold of Battenberg’s gift is a set of silver handled tea knives.

    Princess Victor of Hohenlohe sent a painted fan.

    The Austro-Hungarian Ambassador’s gift is a parasol handle in enamel set with diamonds.

    Princess Margaret received the present of a clock from the parishioners of Bagshot yesterday morning. The presentation was made at Clarence House by the following:- The Rev. W. H. Caldwell, chairman; Mr J. F. Huggins, vice-chairman; Lady Barclay, Lady Elphinstone, Mrs. Caldwell, Miss Wale. Mr. Green, Mr. Copes, Mr. Beesley, Mr. Munro, and Mr. Burrows, secretary.

    Her Royal Highness received the present of her wedding lace and veil from the ladies of Ireland, who were represented by the Duchess of Abercorn for Ulster, the Marchioness of Ormonde for Munster, the Countess of Dunraven for Connaught, the Countess of Mayo for Leinster, Lady Holmparrick as one of the organizers of the present, and the Countess of Dudley as wife of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

    The Swedish and Norwegian Minster, Baron de Bildt, and a deputation of the Swedish and Norwegian residents in London, were also received at Clarence House by her Royal Highness Princess Margaret of Connaught. A gold service plate was presented by them to her Royal Highness and to his Royal Highness Prince Gustavus Adolphus.

    Among the numerous other presents were the following:-

    The Duchess of Somerset, a gold chain bracelet with a Greek coin;
    the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland, a silver inkstand;
    the Duke and Duchess of Portland, an amethyst and diamond pendent, with a pear-shaped amethyst drop;
    the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, a brooch formed of a large round turquoise of beautiful colour, set at the extreme edge with four large brilliants
    the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, a salts bottle mounted in gold, set with diamonds and red enamel;
    the Duchess of Westminster, gold and blue enamel pen, pencil, paper knife, &c, in case;
    Consuelo, Duchess of Manchester, a pair of gold sugar bowls and spoons;
    the Duke and Duchess of Abercorn, an inlaid round table;
    Katherine, Duchess of Westminster, opal hat pins studded with diamonds.

    The Marquis and Marchioness of Lansdowne, an antique silver-gilt travelling set, chased with fruit, flowers and scrolls, from the collection of Albert Lord Londesborough;
    the Marchioness of Salisbury, a painted fan with mother of pearl and gold sticks;
    the Marquis and Marchioness of Londonderry, a green umbrella with a handle of carved pale tortoiseshell;
    the Marquis and Marchioness of Granby, antique carved ivory casket;
    the Marchioness of Tweeddale, a diamond crown hat pin tipped with a pearl;
    the Marchioness of Zetland, an antique inlaid wood flower stand with ormolu mounts, filled with flowers;
    the Dowager Marchioness of Headfort, an inlaid table.

    Earl Cadogan, painted fan, with mother of pearl sticks;
    the Earl and Countess of Londesborough, a gold watch set with a miniature;
    the Earl and Countess of Essex, crystal parasol handle set with sapphires;
    the Countess of Womyss, a large round silver box;
    Earl and Countess Beauchamp, star sapphire ring set with brilliants;
    Count de Pierrefonds, pair of large silver vases;
    Countess Grosvenor and Mr. Wyndham M.P., sapphire and diamond cross;
    the Countess of Dudley, large silver tea tray;
    the Countess of Minto, large gold tooled green leather box;
    Earl and Countess Howe, a small book table of green tooled leather, with gilt trimmings;
    Winifred Countess Arren, an antique sacred picture;
    the Earl and Countess of Dunraven and Lady Ailean Wyndham Quin, Carlyle’s complete works.

    Viscount and Viscountess Falmouth, silver kettle.

    The Bishop of Ripon, silver clock.

    Lord and Lady Iveagh, a necklace of pink and yellow topaz alternately, each stone framed in diamonds;
    Lord Stavordale and Lady Helen Stavordale, large white ostrich feather fan;
    Lady Pirbright, a superb silver tea and coffee service, with kettle and hot-milk jug;
    Emily Lady Ampthill, tortoiseshell blotting book, mounted in gold;
    Lord and Lady Burton, a handsome fan;
    Lord and Lady Windsor, book bound in white and worked with jewels;
    Lord and Lady Farquhar, a silver kettle;
    Lord and Lady Bunssey, set of green enamel buttons with silver rim;
    Lady Mount Stephen, diamond brooch in three rows with sapphire centre;
    Lord Glenesk, brooch set with enamel an having a large diamond in the centre
    Lady Reay, Emerson’s works;
    Lord and Lady Wolverton, silver salver;
    Lady Garvagh, antique silver fruit basket;
    Lord and Lady Herbert, “Imperatrice Marie Louise” by Fred Masson.

    The Freemasons of England, a magnificent diamond pendant with large sappgires in the centre forming a cross.

    The officers of the Grenadier Guards, a diamond grenade;
    the Officers of the Rifle Brigade, a magnificent pendant, the badge of the brigade in diamonds, with the names of the battled on blue enamel ribbon, and the crown set with small sapphires
    the officers of the Inniskilling Dragoons, a large gold cup;
    the Offices of “Y” Battery, R.H.A., black and white Brussels lace fan embroidered in sequins;
    the past and present officers of the Army Service Corps, a pair of silver four-light candelabra and six large fluted silver shell dessert dishes;
    the military members of the Army Council, silver pen and pencil and tray.

    Sir E. Vincent, M.P, and Lady Helen Vincent, a handsome green sunshade;
    Lady Cowell, white Brussels lace fan with gold and mother of pearl sticks;
    Sir Arthur Hayter, M.P., and Lady Hayter, “Marie Antoinette the Dauphine”;
    Sir John and Lady Lister Kyne, lace and ivory fan;
    Mr Alfred Rothschild, diamond bracelet with large daisy centred with a fine pearl;
    Mr and Mrs Lionel Rothschild, a diamond bow with ends and a sapphire in the centre;
    Sir Ernest Cassel, a diamond and red enamel ribbow bow, with long ends of diamonds terminating with large pendent, centred with large pear shaped diamonds, framed in red enamel and again in small diamonds
    Lady Sassoon, a handsome painted fan;
    the Hon. Sylvia Edwards, Ruskin’s “Stones of Venice”;
    Mrs. Adsir, a watercolour drawing of Glenveagh;
    Chevalier Albanesi, Chopin’s works, in four volumes, bound in while calf and gold;
    Mr. P. Ralli, a long diamond and pearl chain;
    Sir Reginald and Lady Cathcard, large boule table;
    the Hon. Alec Yorke, green enamel and diamond pendant on gold chain;
    Signor and Mme. Tosti, a gold bracelet set with alternate sapphires and diamonds;

    Major and Lady Sarah Wilson, pale blue parasol with rich carved ivory handle;
    Colonel and the Hon. Mrs. Egerton, a round inlaid table, the top forming a tray with Copeland tea set, cluster pink roses with blue and gold rim;
    the Lord Provost of Edinburgh and Lady Crandon, a silver bowl with Cairngoun thistle handles;
    the Royal Academy of Music, pair of silver sauce tureens;
    the Duke and Duchess of Connaught’s servants, large silver cup.

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