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    Posted by Arthur on July 19, 2014, 8:34 am, in reply to "Jewels left to the crown"


    Here is the list of the jewels left to the Crown by Queen Victoria, as published in Vincent Meylan’s Bijoux de Reines (2002, appendix Nr. 6, page 207), which reproduces the list published in Twinnings Crown Jewels of Europe:

    1) George IV’s coronet

    It must be the coronet which is called the “Diamond Diadem” by the Royal Collection, which was made for George IV’s Coronation in 1820 and which the Queen usually wears for the State Opening of Parliament (for the processions between Buckingham Palace and Westminster Palace).

    More info from the Royal Collection’s website: http://www.royalcollection.org.uk/eGallery/object.asp?object=31702&row=0&detail=about

    2) The Oriental Tiara

    Made by Garrard on a design by Prince Albert himself, it was originally set with opals. Queen Alexandra had the opals replaced by rubies in 1902. It was one the favourite tiaras of Queen Elizabeth the Queen-Mother, who retained it until her death in 2002. It has been worn only once by Queen Elizabeth II.

    It is not clear whether the matching necklace, brooch and pair of earrings are also included in the Crown’s heirloom.

    3) “A Corsage Ornament in diamonds”

    Could it be the Coronation Cockade? Or Queen Adelaide’s Diamond Brooch?
    It is NOT Queen Victoria’s Fringe Brooch, since Hugh Roberts, in The Queen’s Diamonds, mentions that the Fringe Brooch was a private jewel, which was left to Queen Alexandra, from whom it passed to Queen Mary in 1926, then to Queen(-Mother) Elizabeth in 1936, then to Queen Elizabeth II in 2002.

    4) An emerald and diamond belt, coming from the treasure of the Maharajahs of Punjab

    More information from the Royal Collection’s website: http://www.royalcollection.org.uk/collection/11291/emerald-girdle-of-maharajah-sher-singh
    + a HQ pic: http://cdn.royalcollection.org.uk/cdn/farfuture/GhvB-lp-6bObi-5zZNwnfjfRl56K-LKZDPsvUZt2DG4/mtime:1392955660/sites/royalcollection.org.uk/files/collection-online/d/3/11291/fdd31409e8c993ecab452b5f58d755f8.jpg

    5) The Timur Necklace

    An Indian necklace made of three spinels, among them the 352-carat “Timur”. This necklace was part of the treasures of the Maharajahs of Punjab.

    More information from the Royal Collection’s website: http://www.royalcollection.org.uk/eGallery/object.asp?object=100017&row=0&detail=about

    6) Two brilliant necklaces made of 32 and 45 collet diamonds

    The 32-collet diamond necklace must be the “Coronation necklace”. This one has now only 25 collets, but Hugh Roberts mentions that it has been shortened several times (and confirms it was designated as heirloom of the Crown).
    This necklace had a 22.60 carat pendant hanging from it, which can be identified as the “Lahore Diamond” (a pear-shaped diamond which was previously mounted on the Timur necklace; Roberts mentions that the Lahore diamond was marginally recut for the 1937 coronation, losing 0.12 carat, to 22.48 carats).

    I have no information about the 45-collet diamond necklace.

    7) 154 unmounted collet diamonds

    We have seen that these diamond collets were marked with a ‘C’ (for ‘Crown’) in 1911 and were used occasionally by Queen Mary “for extending existing collet necklaces” (Roberts). 105 of these collet diamonds were used in 1950 by King George VI to make the Festoon necklace, worn at least once by Queen(-Mother) Elizabeth (in 1950), and frequently by Queen Elizabeth II since 1952.

    8) Two rows of pearls, made of 46 and 50 pearls

    These are the necklaces known as “Queen Anne and Queen Caroline’s Necklaces”. They are always worn together (though they do not have a common clasp) and were presented to Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift in 1947 by her father (which is surprising, as they are “heirlooms of the Crown”); the Queen wore them on her wedding day in 1947 and has regularly worn them since then.

    More information from the Royal Collection’s website: http://www.royalcollection.org.uk/microsites/royalwedding1947/object.asp?object=200185%2D6&row=54&detail=about

    9) A necklace made of 81 pearls

    I do not identify this necklace.

    10) A necklace made of 116 pearls

    I do not identify this necklace.

    11) A four-row pearl necklace of 55, 55, 56 and 56 pearls

    Twining/Meylan mention this necklace comes from the treasure of the Maharajahs of Punjab.
    I do not identify this necklace.

    12) The Duchess of Kent’s Amethyst and Diamond Parure

    This parure, which belonged to Queen Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent, comprises a necklace, three brooches (two of which seem to have been mounted on the necklace to increase its length), a pair of earrings and two hair combs. The Queen has worn the full parure (without the hair combs, though) only twice in the mid-1980s, but has regularly worn the brooch on her daily outfits.

    13) 21 rings

    Twining/Meylan mentions some of them are ornated with mottos or miniatures.

    14) Four bracelets with miniature portraits or hair lockets

    I do not identify these bracelets.

    15) Three bow-shaped diamond brooches

    These are the set of three bow brooches (two large and one smaller) called “Queen Victoria’s Bow Brooches” by the Royal Collection. They have been regularly worn by all Queens since Victoria.

    16) Six diamond brooches in the shape of wheat-ears

    They have been occasionally worn by the Queen, but never the full set.

    17) A brooch with a round 313-carat tiger’s eye

    I have little information about this brooch, and only one B&W picture (sorry, I don’t remember who has posted it first on this board – maybe Nellie?).

    18) Two pairs of diamond earrings

    One of them must be the pair of earrings matching the “Coronation Necklace”. The two pear-shaped pendants were previously mounted as side pendants on the Timur Necklace, along the “Lahore Diamond” as central pendant.

    More information from the Royal Collection’s website: http://www.royalcollection.org.uk/exhibitions/diamonds-a-jubilee-celebration/the-coronation-earrings

    The other one must be the earrings known as “Queen Victoria’s Stud Earrings”.

    19) A pair of emerald and diamond earrings

    They must be the earrings called “Queen Victoria’s Fringe Earrings” by Leslie Field, who describes them as “a pair of diamond earrings whose emerald drops [are] framed by a swinging diamond fringe”. The present Queen has worn them only rarely.

    20) A pair of ruby and diamond earrings

    I do not identify these earrings.

    21) Prince Albert’s Brooch

    A well-known brooch, and one of the favourite brooches of the Queen.

    22) Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Necklace and Earrings

    A pearl and diamond necklace presented to Queen Victoria as a Golden Jubilee Gift in 1888 (the gift was presented with some delay).

    23) Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Brooch

    A pearl and diamond brooch presented to Queen Victoria by the gentlemen and ladies of her Household in 1897. It was probably the most favourite brooch of Queen Elizabeth the Queen-Mother, who wore very frequently throughout her life.

    24) Several decorations coming from Prince Albert.

    I hope this can help, and that other posters will be able to identify the jewels I can not identify.



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