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    Posted by Arthur on July 4, 2015, 4:35 pm, in reply to "QEQM's diamond bracelet"

    Could it be one of the bracelets that are called by Leslie Field "The King William IV Buckle Bracelets"?

    According to Leslie Field (page 80 of the 1997 edition), "on King George V's accession to the Throne in 1910, Queen Mary had two enamel buckle mounts set as the centrepieces of matching four-row diamond bracelets, one of which was made in 1838 and left to the Crown by Queen Victoria; the other, which had formerly had a large portrait medallion of Prince Albert, was worn by Queen Victoria every day of her life following her marriage. The buckles had originally belonged to King William IV, and are surrounded by two rows of brilliant-cut diamonds with his cypher of WR surmounted by a crown on one, and that of Queen Adelaide on the other". Field also mentions that both Queen Mary and Queen (Mother) Elizabeth wore these bracelets at their respective Coronation in 1911 and 1937, and that they became the property of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952 - thus confirming their status of Crown heirloom.

    These "King William IV buckle bracelets" are visible on the following pictures:

    Here on Queen Mary's left wrist (the bracelet on the right wrist is Queen Victoria's diamond bracelet):

    Also on the left wrist:

    The 1937 Coronation:

    The picture initially posted by Beth:

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