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Careers - Computer Books - Construction Books - Cooking Books - Discussion Forums - Office Supply
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Is There Money in The Information Business? - By Brian Miner
You dont have to be a spy, private detective, consultant or college graduate to sell information. As long as
there are citizens who want to be self-employed or rise out of poverty there is a great need for information
and it's never been so easy starting a business thanks to the internet. The problem, there are so many
websites and directories to go thru trying to collect information and a lot of them are a waste of time.
Some of the best websites never make it in the top 100-page search results and will never be seen because
of lack of funds to advertise or operate. Most of the best websites you are looking for are on directory
and links pages of other sites and then you go to their resource and links pages and go thru their sites.
If you know what it's like to do exhausting searches you realize you spent hours trying to find resources
than finding good material. Peoples time is worth money. That's where you come in. Let's say a would be
teenage biologist is considering taking a course at a college. Instead of going to school with no knowledge of
the biology industry they can buy a complete report of the industry for $29.00 in the US - $15 in Mexico and
less for developing countries. It will include all the top biology websites, grants available for potential
biology students. Where to find companies that sell mailing lists in the biology industry and more - Names and
websites of top biology articles, writers and the best most informative books - Companies and industries
that hire biologists - Some job terms in biology - Names and websites of biology associations - 15 biology
magazines that will send a sample issue free if you e-mail them (include your address). The free magazines
cover price might exceed the cost of the report. Some of these low-end magazines may come in handy because they
need articles, content and its cheaper to advertise - When a student gets an assignment, and they all go to
the same search engine they get the same old and outdated information. Buying the report will give them a great
inside look and get them 2 steps ahead of their school or professor. (This is not a complete first draft)

Investigate A Business or Career

You can do an investigative report on how to get into the
accounting business and what to specialize in or which job title earns more. It will take you about 2 months of
steady and exhausting work to come up with a good report or business plan and it must constantly be improved
and updated. In 2 months, you think you have a good report and then you realize it could be even better.
The buyer must feel like they got their money's worth because you offer a money back guarantee A first draft
of a business plan must be properly categorized and in order. It will include what websites and information to look for.

Example: The Print Picture Business - Sell Photographic quality framed prints

1. A estimate on the lowest startup costs and maybe the minimum order accepted for materials

2. Where to buy top quality and popular, paper backing matting and frames and give the contacts
so they can request catalogs from manufacturers or wholesalers

3.Is it cost effective to buy the matting pre-cut so there is no need to purchase special tools and raise the
cost of the business start-up. Where to buy these special tools if they want to eventually cut their own matting
and make their own frames

4. Can they buy a special large photographic printer and make even better-quality prints than available and
where to buy the printer and photographic paper

5. Is there a company that has the rights to give you to copy popular prints

6. Decide what price range you want to offer - $35 - $150 - $375

7. Convince them to get licensed and start paying taxes as soon as they start making sales so they will get bank
credit or money to expand if their business takes off.

8. Include seven of the best ways to sell your pictures

a. Get some placed in furniture stores , you might have to wait until they sell to get paid but doing this
might get your foot in the door
b. Community bazars
c. A flea market guide will tell them about local markets - look for markets that have at least 75 tables
and if you have a catalog or brochure try to get others at the market to sell your pictures

d. Sell to restaurants that lack décor or business's
e. you can lease them to hotels and office buildings so they can change their décor periodically at a
smaller cost than repurchasing
f. Tell them how to sell by mail order and how much the shipping and materials cost and where to purchase
them - Advertising in magazines is long term - Explain to them that if you advertise in magazines it may take
months or years for orders to arrive. Magazines lay around for years and they may still get orders. Newspapers
and periodicals get thrown away in days compared to magazines
g. How to find independent salesman who will strictly work on commission and offer them a chance at advancement
(this is not meant to be a first or complete draft)
Remember your selling a business plan or report not writing a book so keep it about six pages front and
back - If you can send the reports in an email with all the working links that would be great or a disc - You can
get a password protected website and put the report or plan on a web page and constantly update it , give each
purchaser a user name and password , If you start out with a report on paper only, include all the links and
instead of long article links give them the name of the articles so all they have to do is enter the title in a
search box and the article will appear .You may want to copy right your report so others won't pirate your
information and if you get others to sell your reports, they can keep $20 and you get the $9
Don't Be Discouraged A good Report Or Business Plan Takes Time And Planning
Keep On Trying - GOOD LUCK

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